Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maine Maple Sunday, March 22

An important piece of Maine heritage and history can be celebrated across the State on this Sunday, March 22. Maine Maple Sunday provides an opportunity for Maple Farmers throughout Maine to open their doors to the public. If you have never experienced a Sugar House in operation, you should take advantage of this opportunity to see how it all works. Many farmers have new boilers, but the concept is the same as it has been for generations. Many farms will offer not only syrup for sale for but you can enjoy tastings of the golden nectar and purchase maple related products.
You can watch the process of turning 40 gallons of raw maple sap into one gallon of golden, delicious maple syrup. It will give you a great appreciation for all the love and labor that goes into every bottle you see on the store shelves. Some sugarhouses are also offering sleigh rides, wagon rides and tours. You may get the opportunity to have maple syrup on pancakes or ice cream...yum yum! There may even be some of you out there that have had the pleasure (and oh, yea, the pain) of Rock Maple Splinters. These are a magical concoction of raw sap, lots of ice (or snow) and whiskey. Maine Maple Sunday is usually more enjoyable if you haven't had Rock Maple Splinters on the Saturday night before......

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