Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bye Bye Midwinter Blahs thanks to a Roomful of Blues

Thanks to the talent and high energy of the members of Roomful of Blues for a fantastic Concert at the Morse High School in Bath on behalf of the Chocolate Church.

Once again, Chris Vachon was spot on fabulous with his mesmerizing mastery of the guitar, having a blast all along the way. He has produced the band's last six albums and is a talented songwriter as well. He has a gracious nature in his presence on stage and shares the spotlight with each member of the band. Dave Howard on vocals draws in the audience with his gritty, soulful voice. Ephraim on drums always seems to be the kid playing along with the band, just having a good time. He's talented and strong, but always gives the appearance that he is just jamming with the guys. I'm continually more impressed with Travis on keyboard every time I hear him. Doug Wolverton on trumpet is cool and hot...jazzy and blue. Mark on bari and tenor sax always knocks my socks off, he is so breezy and easy in style, but he is a true master of his instrument. Rich Lattaille who has been with the band from the very beginning is always a bit of surprise because he looks so cool....the straight arrow of the band from demeanor, but when he plays you see right down to his soul with his warm sultry tones, just full of heart. And how much fun is Bryan Rizzuto on the upright bass to watch. He is the perfect addition to the band with his playful energy and incredible execution of style.

Roomful has gone through a number of personnel changes through the years, and I have enjoyed them at every stage. Right now their mix of talent and personalities is taking them to a new level of artistic excellence which translates to fun, fun, fun for their audiences.

They will not be back in the area again for sometime, but when they do, if you appreciate blues and jazz, you owe it yourself to become a follower of the Roomful of Blues. Stay tuned here for information regarding their next appearance in the area.

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